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Film Socialisme

Film Socialisme

Review score: * * * * *
Visitor's mark: * * * * *

cast: Catherine Tanvier Christian Sinniger, Jean Marc Stehlé, Agatha Couture, Marie-Christine Bergier

year: 2010

colour: yes

certificate: TBC

director: Jean-Luc Godard

runtime: 101

In the Mediterranean, the film follows a cruise ship and the multilingual conversations of the passengers aboard, whilst in France, a brother and sister take their parents to court to demand answers about their upbringing. The film also visits the scene of famous myths and legends from human history, including Egypt, Palestine, Odessa, Naples, Hellas and Barcelona.
The latest opus of director Jean-Luc Godard was presented in Un Certain Regard at Cannes Film Festival. The film brings together an eclectic mix of actors and well-know film personalities from different spheres including Alain Badiou, Patti Smith, Elias Sanbar, Bernard Maris, Robert Baroutier and Lenny Kaye.


14/07/2011 - chichester962 said : mark * * * * *

Disappointing. After the first admittedly ravishing cruise scenes after about 45 minutes it goes off to an unspecified land site [in France? Italy? we are not told] with characters we are not clear of. Who are they and what is their relation to the cruise? More information about the story please!


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