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He's My Girl

He's My Girl

He's My Girl

cast: Antoine de Caunes, Mehdi Dehbi, Elsa Zylberstein

year: 2009

colour: yes

certificate: -15

director: Jean-Jacques Zilbermann

runtime: 90

The film opens at the point of Simon's life where everyone important to him in his life appears to be crossing paths, not always in the most pleasant of ways. He is under the pressure of a deadline to finish his record; his mother is wheelchair-bound and shows up suddenly at his door with a suitcase and no plans to leave any time soon; he is utterly
bewitched by the amazing and unpredictable, exciting Naim, a young Arab who seems to flit between the persona of a man and a femme fatale with incredible ease and his ex-wife Rosalie suddenly announces her imminent visit with the 10-year old son Simon has never met.

There are also his musicians and agent to content with and to top it all off, the cross-dressing, seductive and deeply Muslim Naim is developing a rather close friendship with Simon's glamorous mother; not to mention Simon's current lover Raphael, who also drops in for a visit...

HE'S MY GIRL is full of warmth, laughter and heart and will appeal to all who enjoy a richly entertaining movie.


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