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The Clink of Ice

The Clinks of Ice

The Clink of Ice

cast: Jean Dujardin, Albert Dupontel, Anne Alvaro

year: 2011

colour: yes

certificate: TBC

director: Bertrand Blier

runtime: 87

Taking the taboo subject of cancer and addressing it head on in The Clink of Ice, Blier has continued his tradition of controversial and provocative subject matter. Developing out of a meeting with a man whose face Blier thought 'looked' like cancer, The Clink of Ice sees Albert Dupontel (A Very Long Engagement, Irréversible) playing the role of Charles Faulque's (Jean Dujardin) terminal illness. In true Blier fashion the film opens suddenly with an alarming shot of Dupontel, from behind, striding rapidly along a country lane, arms spread wide. He shows up uninvited and announces straightaway to his host: 'I'm your cancer! I thought it would be a good idea if we got to know each other a bit'. The host lives alone with Louise the housekeeper and drinks night and day, carrying an ice bucket everywhere he goes. But now he has to accommodate his new guest, his cancer, with whom a special relationship grows. They drink and eat together, they chat, size each other up, get to know each other. In short, they are bon vivants. Louise is the only one who (with Charles' son) sees the cancer, invisible to others, through the eyes of love. The Clink of Ice has been showered with praise in France by the critics and has been hailed as a triumphant return to form for Blier.



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