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Don't Look Now, We've Been Shot at (La Grande Vadrouille)

La Grande Vadrouille

Don't Look Now, We've Been Shot at (La Grande Vadrouille)

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cast: Bourvil, Louis De Funès, Claudio Brook

year: 1966

colour: yes

certificate: PG

director: Gérard Oury

runtime: 132

This is a 1966 comedy film about how the crew of a Royal Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress shot down over Paris must then make their way through German-occupied France with the main help of two French citizens with very different mindsets.

For over forty years (until 2008, when Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis attracted over 20,000,000 cinema-goers), La Grande Vadrouille was the most successful French film in France, topping the box office with over 17,200,000 viewers in cinemas. It remains the third most successful film ever in France, of any nationality, behind the 1997 version of Titanic, and Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis.

The Plot:

Summer 1941. Over German Nazi occupied France, a Royal Air Force Lancaster becomes lost after a mission and is shot down over Paris by German flak. The crew, Reginald, Peter Cunningham and Alan MacIntosh, parachute out over the city. They are hidden by a house painter, Augustin Bouvet, and the grumbling conductor of the Opéra National de Paris, Stanislas Lefort. Involuntarily, Lefort and Bouvet get themselves involved in the manhunt against the aviators led by Wehrmacht Major Aschbach. They have to help the airmen to go back to England with the help of Resistance fighters and sympathizers.


26/10/2016 - patriciaconnell said : mark * * * * *

Un classique du cinéma français.


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