french films > Les Tontons Flingueurs

Les Tontons Flingueurs

Les Tontons Flingueurs

Les Tontons Flingueurs

Review score: * * * * *

cast: Lino Ventura, Francis Blanche, Bernard Blier, Jean Lefevre, Sabine Sinjen, Venantino Venantini, Robert Dalban, Claude Rich

year: 1963

colour: no

certificate: PG

director: Georges Lautner

runtime: 106

Ex-gangster Fernand (Lino Ventura) receives a call from a dying friend, a mob boss nicknamed "The Mexican". The doomed mobster talks Fernand into taking care of some criminal business and looking after his soon-to-be-married daughter. When a longtime mobster heavy, Volfoni takes exception to Fernand for being an outsider, they come after Fernand who is equal to the task. He defends himself in a series of comical killings from the onslaught of the mob.


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