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Wild Grass

Dussolier and Amalric

Wild Grass

Review score: * * * * *

cast: Mathieu AMALRIC, Sabine AZÉMA, Anne CONSIGNY, Emmanuelle DEVOS, André DUSSOLLIER, Michel VUILLERMOZ

year: 2010

colour: yes

certificate: -12

director: Alain Resnais

runtime: 104

Marguerite (Azéma) has her purse stolen, Georges (Dussollier) finds it, and a series of ever more extravagant events unfolds. Discovering, at the
age of 87, a whole new cinematic vocabulary - whip pans, crane shots, slow-mo, strange angles and bizarre, lawn-level tracking shots - Resnais plunges us into this off-kilter tale of the obsessions that spring up, Patricia Highsmith-like, between the cracks of the most regulated of lives.

Worth noting that Alain Resnais, received for this amazing film, the best director award at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. He was then 87 years old.


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