french films > Devotee




cast: Hervé Chenais, Guillaume Quashie-Vauclin

year: 2008

colour: yes


director: Rémi Lange

runtime: 50

Hervé likes 20-year-old guys. But it's not always easy to get what you desire when you're different from the models gracing magazines' covers...Will things change when Hervé meets a 21-year-old hunk who is a "devotee" ? How do you negotiate the dating minefield when you have a non-conventional body? Hervé is a 43-year-old man born without arms or legs, whose body marks him as an outsider to the men he desires. He meets an attractive man online who is a devotee (devoteeism or acrotomophilia) - sexually attracted to people with amputations. It could be the perfect match but is the true connection Hervé seeks possible with a person whom he knows only sees him as a fetish? Quiet, and reflective, Devotee is both an intimate exploration of desire and of disabled sexuality which challenges us to consider our own voyeuristic treatment of Hervé's body.


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