french films > Trouble




cast: Benoît Magimel, Olivier Gourmet, Natacha Régner

year: 2005

colour: yes

certificate: 18

director: Harry Cleven

runtime: 92

What would you do if you were informed out of the blue that you had a long-lost identical twin? This is the creepy situation that successful photographer Matyas (La Pianiste’s Benoît Magimel), freshly settled into a new family life, finds himself in. His twin Thomas, seemingly a calmer, more perfected and much more controlled version of himself, charms everyone he meets. But Matyas, strangely disorientated by the meeting, and possibly slightly delusional, now starts to suspect his new-found twin is looking to take over his life... Bubbling with existential horror, Trouble’s black wit and even blacker perversions make for a… troubling… time in the dark.


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