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My little loves

Mes Petites Amoureuses

My little loves

cast: Ingrid Caven, Henri Martinez, Martin Loeb

year: 1974

colour: yes

certificate: 15

director: Jean Eustache

runtime: 123

Eustache followed the semi-autobiographical The Mother and the Whore, a film of rampaging language, with this extraordinary work, a 'film of looks' – a portrait of his childhood in the south of France. Young Martin Loeb plays Daniel, Eustache’s adolescent alter ego, and he figures in every scene of this magnificent film, which takes a hard look at adolescence and budding adulthood, at the realities of love and work. Beautifully photographed by the great Nestor Almendros (Days of Heaven), Mes petites amoureuses reaches its emotional climax during an extended scene in which Daniel gets his first kiss in a movie theater showing Pandora and the Flying Dutchman.


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movie drama


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