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Ambitious (Les Ambitieux)

Ambitious (Les Ambitieux)

Ambitious (Les Ambitieux)

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cast: Karin Viard, Eric Caravaca

year: 2007

colour: yes


director: Catherine Corsini

runtime: 90

A man and a woman each learn a painful lesson about using others to get what you want in this drama from French director Catherine Corsini. Julien, an ambitious young writer, gets an interview with publisher Judith Zahn. Without reading Julien’s novel, Judith rejects it, but encourages him to persevere, mainly as a pretext to make him her lover. By chance, Judith’s mother has just given her a suitcase containing some documents written by her estranged father, a writer and political activist in the 1970s, who died in combat in South America some years ago. Secretly looking through these writings, Julien has an idea for a best selling novel, based on the real-life experiences of Judith’s father. Having completed the first draft, he allows the publisher to read it. Judith’s reaction is not what he had expected...


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