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The Fox and the Child

The Fox and the Child

The Fox and the Child

Review score: * * * * *


year: 2006

colour: yes

certificate: U

director: Luc Jacquet

runtime: 92

Academy Award® winning director Luc Jacquet invites you on a journey to the heart of a marvellous tale, the extraordinary meeting of a fox and a little girl. Through an exceptional relationship, each reveals its world to the other... The Fox And The Child is narrated by Kate Winslet. In 2005, Luc Jacquet gave us the masterpiece March of the Penguins, one of the most beautiful and visually amazing films of our time. His following film The Fox And The Child takes us on an astonishing adventure of love and friendship. One Autumn morning, a little girl (Bertille Noel-Bruneau), catches sight of a wild fox whilst on her way to school through the forest. Fascinated to the point that she forgets all fear, she dares to approach him. For an instant, the barriers that separate the child and the animal disappear. Although the fox flees from her, the young girl feels a strong desire to meet it again. During the following months, she spends most of her free time in the forests exploring nature and wildlife, but above all searching for the fox. She doesn’t see it again for months, until one winter morning she follows its tracks into the woods until she finds it’s home under a tree. She patiently waits outside for the fox to come out and when it does, an amazing and powerful friendship begins. Thanks to the fox, the little girl discovers a wild and secret environment, and embarks on an adventure which will change her life forever.


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