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Max & Co

Max & Co

cast: Lorànt Deutsch, Patrick Bouchitey, Micheline Dax

year: 2007

colour: yes


director: Samuel Guillaume, Frederic Guillaume

runtime: 76

Young Max visits the town of Saint-Hillaire where he believes that he will finally be reunited with his father, music sensation Johnny Bigoude, who is rumoured to be playing a small venue in the locality. Fly Swatter manufacturer Bzzz & Co seem to control the whole town and before long, Max is employed by them to play live lift music. Max and new girlfriend Félicie snoop around in order to expose company boss Rudolfo who has brought the company to its knees financially and is responsible for terrible mismanagement. The artificial production of a swarm of flies in order to boost swatter sales is the final straw for the people of Saint-Hillaire but will they be in time to thwart such a dastardly deed?


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