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Beyond Hatred

Beyond Hatred

cast: Jean-Paul Chenu, Marie-Cécile Chenu

year: 2006

colour: no


director: Olivier Meyrou

runtime: 86

In this deeply moving, award-winning documentary, a family reflect on the killing of their 29-year-old son, and try to move beyond feelings of hatred and revenge. In 2002, François Chenu was set upon in a park in Rheims by three skinheads who had gone out looking for an 'Arab' to beat up. When they didn't find one, they settled for François who, when asked, confirmed that he was gay. The trio attacked him and left him for dead. Although the details of the crime are presented, the real focus of the film is its aftermath and the family's efforts to find a way of coping with the loss of their beloved son and brother. In the lead up to and during the trial, we learn more about the accuseds' own backgrounds of prejudice and neglect, and observe the Chenu's remarkable dignity. Director Olivier Meyrou chooses to tell the story largely through the words of those closest to François, and this is a well judged, reasoned approach given that the subject has such powerful emotional force as to require no further dramatisation or sensationalising. Year of release in UK: 2007


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