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District 13

District 13

cast: Cyril Raffaelli, David Belle, Tony D'Amario

year: 2003

colour: no


director: Pierre Morel

runtime: 95

The suburbs of Paris, 2010. In the walled ghetto of District 13 a nuclear missile has fallen into the hands of a gang of drug-dealing killers who are now holding the city to ransom. With the government refusing to negotiate a deal, the city's fate lies in the hands of Damien (Cyrill Raffaelli), an elite officer of the French police force's Special Intervention Unit and an expert in martial arts. His mission is to infiltrate District 13 and uncover the warhead's whereabouts. But he can't do it alone. To accomplish his mission, Damien must team up with the one man who knows the ghetto inside out - a skilled free-runner and vigilante renegade named Leïto (David Belle). Distrustful of the authorities, Leïto has his own personal score to settle with the gangsters and is intent on taking the law into his own hands. With only 24 hours to get into District 13, find the missile and defuse it before it kills millions of innocent people, Damien and Leïto have got to think - and move - fast! Year of release in UK: 2006


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