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Double Life of Veronique (The)

Double Life of Veronique (The)

cast: Irene Jacob, Philippe Volter

year: 1991

colour: yes


director: Krzysztof Kieslowski

runtime: 98

A beautiful and disquieting romantic mystery from Krzysztof Kieslowski, The Double Life of Veronique stars Irene Jacob, winner of the Cannes 1991 Best Actress award for her performance as two identical women, Veronique and Veronika, born at the same time 20 years ago in Poland and France. They are identical in every way yet share neither mother nor father. They grow up to lead eerily similar lives; both are left-handed, like to walk barefoot, have sublime singing voices, share an extraordinary musical talent and suffer from the same barely discernible heart problem. Veronika is young, romantically obsessed and on the verge of her debut as a professional singer. She is haunted by disturbing visions and by the feeling that "she is not alone". In Paris, Veronique is consumed by the feeling that she is "missing someone". A series of strange objects she receives leads her to pursue the mystery further. Kieslowski's film is a cryptic and sensual tour-de-force, an enigmatic tale of love, grief and loss.


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