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My Angel

My Angel

cast: Vanessa Paradis, Vincent Rottiers, Eduardo Noriega, Claude Perron, Thomas Fersen

year: 2004

colour: no


director: Serge Frydman

runtime: 92

Vanessa Paradis, in her first screen role for six years, plays a hooker with a heart of gold who suddenly finds her world turned upside down. She is asked by an acquaintance to pick up her child from an orphanage. When the child turns out to be a hormonal 17-year-old boy, played by the excellent Vincent Rottiers, she finds herself confronted with other issues that get in the way of her quest for her own child. The screenplay, written by the first-time director Serge Frydman, was written expressly for Paradis who already played in a film based on Frydman’s screenplay, The Girl on the Bridge. Visually, the film is beautiful, with some memorable images of the Netherlands. Year of release in the UK: 2006


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