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The Last Trapper

The Last Trapper

cast: Norman Winther, May Loo, Alex Van Bibber

year: 2005

colour: no


director: Nicolas Vanier

runtime: 94

This dramatic para-documentary follows the life, activities and environmental philosophy of one of the very last real trappers, still braving the Great White North. The affection for his native wife and their husky dogs help him to keep smiling even when faced with the worst hardships the Yukon Rockies can throw his way. The images are appropriately majestic and the episodes depict the different aspects of survival “out there”. He insists many times that the industrial exploitation of the land leads to an ecological disaster. An inspiring achievement, close in spirit and temperature to The March of the Penguins. The exterior photography by Thierry Machado(who previously worked on the exquisite French documentaries Le Peuple migrateur and Microcosmos) is stunning.


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