french films > Lemming



cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Laurent Lucas, André Dussollier, Charlotte Rampling, Jacques Bonnaffé, Véronique Affholder, Michel Cassagne, Florence Desille

year: 2005

colour: no


director: Dominik Moll

runtime: 129

Dominik Moll made his Cannes competition debut in 2000 with the edgy thriller Harry He’s Here To Help which scored considerable international success. He returns to the fray with Lemming, a psychological thriller with just as many twists and turns. Laurent Lucas plays Alain, a successful high-tech engineer who leads a neatly ordered life with the seductive Benedicte (Charlotte Gainsbourg). Things are thrown seriously off balance one evening when Alain’s boss Pollock (André Dussollier) and his wife, Alice (Charlotte Rampling), come to dinner. The trouble all seems to start with a sink mysteriously blocked by a lemming – a rodent normally only found in Sandinavia and not normally in French drains. Then the Pollocks are extremely late. Their tardiness, Alice announces to stunned silence, is because her husband took more time than usual with one of his whores. Moments later, she empties her wine glass into Richard’s face, and the evening is pretty much a disaster. The star power of the two Charlottes – Gainsbourg and Rampling – underpins the proceedings which unfurl with considerable wit and a mordant sense of irony. And in the process Moll reveals something of the dangerous passions that lurk within us all. Year of release in the UK: 2006


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