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Jaoui/Bacri Retrospective

Jaoui/Bacri Retrospective


year: 1993

colour: no


director: AgnesJaoui/ Jean Pierre Bacri

runtime: 0

The duo Agnès Jaoui / Jean-Pierre Bacri have emerged over the past 15 years both as multi-talented playwrights (with Cuisine et Dépendances) and scriptwriters / actors (with Un Air de Famille and On connaît la chanson). As a director, Agnès Jaoui has delivered two lively and witty films, The Taste of Others (2000) and Look at Me (2004), both co-written with and co-starring Jean-Pierre Bacri. Brilliantly written and performed, all these films have at their centre an entanglement of relationships and emotions, typically handled with a certain off-beat humour. In addition to the above films, this retrospective features five films starring Jaoui / Bacri but written and directed by others (Une Femme d'exterieur, Kennedy et moi, Les Sentiments, La Maison de Nina, Le Rôle de sa vie), and is centred around a Masterclass on Fri 20 Jan when the pair will be in conversation with Paul Ryan.


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