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13 (tzameti)

13 (tzameti)

Review score: * * * * *

cast: Aurélien Recoing, Georges Babluani,

year: 2006

colour: no


director: Gela Babluani

runtime: 93

A clean-faced 20-year-old, Sebastien, leads an impoverished life with his immigrant family, constantly struggling to find the money for their next meal. When hired to repair the roof of the morphine-addicted Godon (Philippe Passon), Sebastien eavesdrops in on a conversation which appears to offer a quick and easy solution to his money troubles. Year of Release in UK: 2006 When Godon suddenly falls dead Sebastien decides to follow the instructions, meant for the recently deceased addict, in a desperate bit to secure some income for himself and his family. He then becomes embroiled in what appears to be a wild goose chase, taking on the identity of Godon and following a series of clues which lead him ever closer to his impending fate. The trail eventually leads Sebastien into the heart of the French countryside and face to face with a ring of clandestine gamblers who bet on human lives. From this point on there is no turning back.


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