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Time has come

Time has come

cast: Eric Bougnon, Guillaume Viry, Pierre Louis Calixte, Jean Dalric

year: 2005

colour: yes


director: Alain Guiraudie

runtime: 83

Alain Guiraudie is fast making his mark as one of France's most defiantly non-conformist - not to say oddball - film-makers. Following the multi-levelled dream narrative of No Rest for the Brave (screened here in 2003), Time Has Come again summons its own world out of thin air, merging ostensibly realistic elements into a parallel reality that is Guiraudie's alone. The setting - evoking both the Middle Ages and the border country of Spaghetti Westerns - is the land of Obitanie, ruled by landowners, terrorised by marauding bandits and policed by bounty-hunting warriors, who enjoy a rough-and-ready camaraderie. Warrior Fogo Lompla (Bougnon) heads out on the trail of the much-feared Manjas Kebir, who has abducted the daughter of landowner Rixo Lomadis Bron; meanwhile, Fogo Lompa is in love with Rimamba, an elderly inventor busy perfecting a fabulous dream machine. A dizzying but downplayed mix of fantasy, low-budget realism, political parable and gay sex that defies age barriers, Time Has Come will either enchant you or have you tearing your hair out. As critic Serge Kaganski put it, the film lies somewhere between 'Tintin and Jacques Rivette, the Knights of the Round Table and Straub-Huillet.' But it surely can't be long before the epithet 'Guiruadian' becomes self-explanatory common currency.


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