french films > Profiles of Farmers: Daily Life

Profiles of Farmers: Daily Life

Profiles of Farmers: Daily Life


year: 2004

colour: yes


director: Raymond Depardon

runtime: 85

In 2001 renowned documentary photographer and film-maker Raymond Depardon filmed Profiles of Farmers: Getting Closer (Profils paysans: l'approche), the first chapter in a series of works about small farmers in the low mountain valleys of Lozère, Ardèche and Haute-Loire. Profiles of Farmers: Daily Life is the second chapter, and captures the daily life of the farmers as they face social and economic change. Farms which have been passed down through families for generations are in being converted into luxury homes or taken over by large agribusinesses, and even if younger farmers can afford to settle in these areas they are confronted by endless red tape. Depardon, the son of a farmer himself, favours an unsentimental observational approach in which long takes and apparently simple compostion build a respectful but warm hearted portrait of people not often invited to express themselves on camera.


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