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The plane

The plane

cast: Isabelle Carré, Vincent Lindon, Roméo Botzaris

year: 2005

colour: yes


director: Cédric Kahn

runtime: 100

Charly desperately wants a bicycle for Christmas and is disappointed when his father, a pilot and scientist, gives him a toy plane instead. When Dad doesn't return from his latest trip, the plane represents a way for Charly to be reconnected with him, and soon it becomes an inseparable part of his life. When the plane accompanies him to school, some of his classmates hide it from him as one of their pranks. After a while, Charly becomes convinced that the plane can move by itself and its occasional red inner glow suggests that it is able to think for itself too. Is Charly imagining that the plane has come to life or is it something that his father was working on in his laboratory? Charly's mother is firmly of the opinion that the former theory is true until she has an encounter with the plane that leaves her shaken. In the spirit of the classic The Red Balloon, The Plane explores the friendship between a boy and a loved object. It contains many magical elements that sometime overlap with reality but never fails to leave its audience with a sense of joy.


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