french films > Gentille



cast: Emmanuelle Devos, Bruno Todeschini, Lambert Wilson

year: 2004

colour: yes


director: Sophie Fillières

runtime: 102

The eminently watchable Emmanuelle Devos (Read My Lips) plays Fontaine Leglou, a 35-year-old woman whose name is the most unusual thing about her. That, and the fact that she keeps being mistaken for someone else. She has a good job as an anaesthetist, a comfortable apartment and an equally comfortable relationship with an attractive man who wants to marry her. She even has a cat. But maybe life is a little too cosy, and what if those mistaken identities are a hint that she should be living a different life? If the subject matter sounds familiar - the thirtysomething's dilemma of whether to commit or move on - rest assured that writer-director Sophie Fillières' pleasingly off-centre approach successfully reinvigorates it. Characters, even the minor ones, are well rounded and likeable but far from perfect, and humour comes both through nicely observed dialogue and from unlikely but believable incidents. The film itself has much in common with Fontaine, its apparently conventional surface concealing many charming


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