french films > Farewell, Home Sweet Home

Farewell, Home Sweet Home

Farewell, Home Sweet Home

cast: Nico Tarielashvili, Lily Lavina

year: 1999

colour: yes


director: Otar Iosseliani

runtime: 117

Nicolas is in his twenties. He is the oldest son of a wealthy family ruled by his mother, a formidable businesswoman, and he spends his days in the neighbouring big town. Far from his own background, he is a cleaner and dishwasher in a bistrot. He is also a bit of an alcoholic, like his father whose only function in the family is to father children (the family is big). His friends are hooligans, homeless or simple folk from the area he frequents. The girls he meets are often beautiful and it's a shame they're not interested in someone who could love them. Life is fairly difficult, but with all things considered fairly happy. However, one evening, Nicolas follows the gang in a venture that is more risky than usual.


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