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Right Now

Right Now

cast: Isild le Besco, Ouassini Embarek, Nicolas Devauchelle

year: 2004

colour: no


director: Benoît Jacquot

runtime: 95

When she hangs up the phone after hearing her lover say We're coming right now, she knows in her heart of hearts what she hadn't faced up to before: that this man she loves, this prince from nowhere, is a hoodlum. He has just robbed a bank and a man got killed. It's the mid-1970s. She's nineteen years old. Right now, as if in a waking dream, she falls headlong from the tight, narrow space of her father's uptown apartment into a weaving world of escape : Spain, Morocco, Greece and from being an almost well-behaved girl into the life she's always wanted, for better or worse.


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