french films > Blueberry



cast: Vincent Cassel, Juliette Lewis, Michel Madsen, Ernest Borgnine

year: 2004

colour: no

certificate: 15

director: Jan Kounen

runtime: 124

Initiated by the Indians, Mike Blueberry, a marshal in Palomito, tries to maintain the fine balance between two civilisations, at the risk of not belonging anywhere. Everything changes the day a mysterious killer, Wally Blount, transforms the town into an inferno and brings up memories of his past. Blount is looking for an Indian “treasure”. Assisted by Runi, the shaman “brother” he grew up with, Blueberry, must face Blount. However, in the heart of the sacred mountains, Blueberry also has to fight with his own demons to gain his freedom. Loosely inspired from the famous comic strip character, Blueberry, Jan Kounen’s film is a mixture of the Epic cowboy film and a supernatural ambiance. It is the story of the initiatory path of a man looking for his roots. To view trailer


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