french films > The Truth (La Vérité)

The Truth (La Vérité)

La Vérité

The Truth (La Vérité)

cast: Brigitte Bardot, Charles Vanel, Paul Meurisse, Sami Frey

year: 1960

colour: yes


director: Henri-Georges Clouzot

runtime: 125

Dominique Marceau (Brigitte Bardot), a beautiful young woman, is on trial for the murder of her lover Gilbert Tellier (Sami Frey). As the hearings go on, the accused's true character comes to light. Henri-Georges Clouzot depicts a puritanical and hypocritical society that show no compassion for the monsters it creates. The result is a film of remarkable precision and ruthless irony in which Brigitte Bardot gives the performance of a lifetime. 


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