french films > The 12 tasks of Asterix

The 12 tasks of Asterix

The 12 tasks of Asterix

cast: Animation

year: 1975

colour: yes

certificate: U

director: René Goscinny

runtime: 78

After a Roman Centurion is beaten by the Village of Indomitable too many times, he decides that the Gauls must be Gods, and you can't fight Gods!

Julius Caeser sets 12 Tasks that only Gods could perform to prove that the Gauls are mere mortals. If the Gauls succeed, he will admit defeat and let the Gauls become the Rulers of Rome. But if they should fail, the Gauls will become Caesar's slaves!

The Gaulish Village accepts the challenge and Asterix, being the smartest, and Obelix, being the strongest are chosen to represent the village. Could the Gauls actually become Rulers of Rome?


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