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Souad Massi

Souad Massi concert on 10 September at Islington Assembly Hall

10/09/2016 from 19:30 to 23:00

After a sold out concert at the Barbican, Souad Massi is finally back in London for a special concert not to be missed!

Raised in Algeria pre-civil war, playing guitar in jeans and trainers, Souad was going to get noticed: first for fronting a political rock band, later performing solo in Paris after fleeing death threats.
Here she will present material from her latest album El Mutakallimûn (Masters of the Word), mixing Arabic instruments such as the oud with rock and folk influences alongside Portuguese Fado and African soul. Her melodic songs are universally appealing, covering topics from love to liberty.

On this album, Souad Massi has immersed herself in Arabic poetry. Inspired by the greatest Arab poets – such as Aboul Kacem Chebbi from Tunisia and Ahmed Mater from Iraq – her lyrics refer to some of the most significant poems from across the Millennium. In what appears to be her most beautiful collection of songs, she bravely denounces authoritarianism and terror, thus echoing the desire for change and freedom that became visible across the Middle East and North Africa in the wake of the Arab Spring. “I was fed up with all the images associated with Arabic culture,” Souad says. “I wanted to pay homage to those ‘masters’ because they left us many beautiful things to share with people who don’t really know about Arabic culture.”

Venue: Islington Assembly Hall, Upper St, London N1 2UD

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