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Theatre and Cinema workshops with Candice Desmet from Atelier Theatre Act'in

From 01/09/2016 to 08/07/2017

Atelier Théâtre Act’in created by Candice Desmet, launches theatre and cinema workshops for everyone in London. The purpose is to offer a freedom space for everyone whatever their age, their career and their theatrical and cinematographic experience. Act’in allows participants to work on their corporal expressions, feelings and their ease on stage in a  stress free environment.


For theatre workshop, every participant commits to the respect for others. In Atelier Théâtre Act’in, we don’t judge, we share. Space and time stop to give way to a place where everything is possible! 

Three workshops:

·         Little Act' for children, bilingual

·         Entre Act' for adults, French and English workshop

·         Improvisation for teenagers and adults, French workshop


Come and gain some new experience and learn professional cinema techniques. A fantastic environment where everything is possible, Act’in Théâtre gives you all the elements to make your dream come true.

Two workshops:

·         Act'ion for teenagers, in English

·         Act'in Pro the adults, in English

To join Act’in will allow you to practice different exercises in a friendly and instructive atmosphere. Theatre and Cinema Workshops are aimed at passionate people but also at people who want to taste acting for the first time. Learn Theatre and Cinema Art with Candice.

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