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La vie très privée de Monsieur Sim
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The LOCO London Comedy Film Festival presents 'Liberté, Egalité, Hilarité' - 22/04 to 01/05

From 22/04/2016 at 18:10 to 01/05/2016 at 23:00

The LOCO London Comedy Film Festival presents "Liberté, Egalité, Hilarité", a special focus on new French comedies. Each of the films selected highlights a different aspect of contemporary France.

As well as the universal French themes of love, sex and how to live, these films also look at the economic crisis, at racial and cultural tension. They are proof that comedy is often the best way to discuss difficult issues, perhaps find new common ground. 

  • Gaby baby dollFri 22 April @ 6.10pm at BFI Southbank - Q&A with director Sophie Letourneur

  • Et ta sœur - Fri 22 April @ 8.30pm at BFI Southbank - Q&A with director Marion Vernoux

Monsieur Sim (Jean-Pierre Bacri) is not a happy man. To say the least: divorced, unemployed in his 50’s, he is unable to relate with his father or his daughter. Offered an unexpected job, he travels across France to sell organic toothbrushes and takes the opportunity to reconnect with an old crush, his daughter, but mostly with himself. Jean-Pierre Bacri excels in this witty and elegant adaptation of Jonathan Coe’s acclaimed novel, The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim.

Nous trois ou rien is the debut of French stand-up comedy actor Kheiron, who also stars in this satirical and wholly original film based on his father's life. It tells the story of Hibat, an Iranian political dissident in the 1970s who braves prison and exile for his principles before fleeing to France to start anew as a community worker in Paris.

Unemployed and threatened to lose custody of her little sister Kim, Sam faces a dilemma when an attractive lawyer comes to the rescue with a tempting but illegal plan. Led by a luminous Alice Pol, Qui c’est les plus forts ? beautifully balances raw reality with comical charm.

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