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Golgota by Bartabas at Sadler's Wells - 14-21 March

From 14/03/2016 at 19:30 to 21/03/2016 at 19:30

Four horses perform live on stage uniting equestrian theatre with art, music and dance as the acclaimed French artist Bartabas returns to Sadler’s Wells, accompanied by contemporary flamenco dancer Andrés Marín.

Inspired by the theatricality of sacred rituals, particularly the ceremonies of the Sevillian Holy Week, Golgota navigates the bodies of its human and animal performers through a dramatic environment of Gregorian chants and physical poetry.

This dialogue between man, animal, dance and the music of Tomás Luis de Victoria confidently demonstrates flamenco’s boundless creative possibilities. This is a rare opportunity to see two virtuoso artists at the height of their powers.

“A mesmerizing performance” - HUFFINGTON POST

(Children over 5 only)



15/03/2016 - Englefield said :

This performance was depressing and offensive , it seemed a case of self indulgence from the creator who treated his horses with a total lack of emotion or respect , the horses were sad had empty eyes and were unhappy in their mouths they looked lame and struggled to perform various repetitive movements .
The dwarf was clearly used to portray all the downtrodden characters then became the laughing jester revelling in the crusifixion scene .
The music and song was dire , the dancing average and the total performance lacked soul . A horse lovers nightmare


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