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Jojo & Billie

Jojo & Billie's Tour de France on 4 October at Jacksons Lane

04/10/2015 from 12:00 to 16:00

Find out what happens when a French boy and an English girl crash into each other and cannot repair their bikes, how they overcome the language barrier and how Billie discovers her love of all things French.

With live music, video, mime, several Gallic shrugs and many, many bicycles, Compagnie Animotion is once again going to swim the channel to bring their unique mix of exciting and lively wordless performance to Jacksons Lane!

For little and big ones. Don’t forget to wear a beret.

Ages 3-11

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21/09/2015 - jicelle.matine said :


j aimerais savoir si votre sont ils toujours dispo veuillez me contacter pas mail:


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