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Mina Agossi

Mina Agossi

07/05/2015 from 20:30 to 22:30


Born in France in 1972 to French and West African parents, the award-winning Mina Agossi studied in many different countries, including Niger, Morocco and France before graduating in Theatre Arts in 1990.

Her interest in singing jazz and blues was kindled in 1992 and by 1993 she was working in Brittany with a successful Swing & New Orleans jazz band. However, Mina found herself increasingly drawn to the world of modern jazz and in 1995 she co-produced an album of original tunes entitled “Voice & Bass”, using no wind, brass or keyboard instruments, an album that marked the beginning of the development of her very personal style. That album won the “Young Self-Produced Talents” from the French organization FNAC, giving her the chance to develop her skills through studies with US icon Sheila Jordan and French star Jeanne Lee, enabling her to take her voice in the unique direction that makes her so distinguishable today.

After moving to Paris Mina continued to grow and develop as an artist of considerable force and creativity, producing a series of highly acclaimed albums and establishing herself both in Europe and the US. By the early 2000’s Mina was known on both sides of the Atlantic, working with the likes of iconic US saxophonist Archie Shepp.

In 2001 she produced her first live album, recorded in Brooklyn, eponymously titled “E-Z Pass to Brooklyn”, that took elements of hip hop, world music, blues and rock all interpreted in her own, unique, jazz style.

2004 saw her signed to the UK-based Candid label followed by the first of many spectacular gigs around the UK and in 2005 she won the award for ‘Best Newcomer’ at The Adami Awards that led to her appearing at the Vienne Jazz Festival supporting the legendary Oscar Peterson. Since then she has performed at numerous festivals around the world, including Jamboree Warsaw, Montreux, Wien, Liban, Moscow, London Jazz Fest, Chicago, Tanglewood, Dakota (Minneapolis), Luanda Cultural Center, Opera of Lyon, Opera of Damascus, Berlin, Pori, Barcelona Jamboree …as well as appearing at innumerable clubs, including New York’s premier jazz clubs the Blue Note and Jazz Standard (where she also recorded a live album). Mina is currently promoting her latest, 11th, album “Fresh” which she says “…breaks down barriers, reinventing the music…blurring the boundaries between jazz, pop, rock… giving a new perspective on a 20 year career”.

Mina will be performing material from “Fresh” with her terrific, high class, French band of Romain Ross on guitar, Eric Jacot on bass and Simon Bernier on drums. This is a terrific gig from one of world jazz’s outstanding vocal talents and the perfect way to spend your post-voting evening, we promise (and we don’t break our promises….). Booking advised.

“Mina Agossi…exquisite… her fluid voice full of jazz spirit” Le Monde;
“Mina Agossi…You will find, sensuality, fantasy, seduction and natural vocal effects and the goal not to imitate anyone” Telerama;
“...a voice that takes its roots in jazz music, african grooves, rap as well as electric rock. Her sensual voice is still always the energy of the band.” Jazz New

606 Club
90 Lots Road,
London SW10 0QD
+44 (0)20 7352 5953

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06/05/2015 - gergana_barakova said :

I need to hear something good

06/05/2015 - thierry.tantot said :

Looking forward to listening to Mina live.

06/05/2015 - kareng98 said :

Look forward to hearing from you! xx


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