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16/12/2014 from 19:30 to 00:00

Tintin is not only a world-famous ‘petit reporter’ followed by a clever white dog, he is now a collector’s item. Original pieces by Tintin’s creator Hergé sell at auction for record prices and attract attention from the world of art collectors and auctioneering, not to mention the enduring love of comic enthusiasts and young readers worldwide.

In a special event organised in partnership with Artcurial, France’s leading auction house, expert Eric Leroy will talk about the influence of Hergé’s work in the rapidly shifting world of art sales. The Hergé phenomenon sheds a new light on issues such as the creation of value in the international art market, the changing nature of collections, as well as the place of comics and bande dessinée as an art form in their own right.

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