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Notre Dame de France

Notre Dame de France celebrates its 150th anniversary

From 01/01/2015 at 08:00 to 06/12/2015 at 20:00

In 1865 the Marist Fathers purchased the building which housed the Leicester Square Panorama, a precursor of the cinema, to build a church for the service of the French community of London. Since then, the parish of Notre Dame de France has become a living testimony to the faith and commitment of its priests and parishioners. For more information on the history of NDF…

This anniversary year is an opportunity for Notre Dame de France to rejoice in the richness of its community today.

The programme…

Jan 2015 -> Feb 2015:

Exhibition of artworks by guests of the Refugee Centre

March 2015 -> Dec 2015:

Photo Exhibition “History of Notre Dame de France”

19 March 2015:

Opening recital by Duncan Middleton. Principal Organist of Notre Dame de France.

[25 March 2015 : Anniversary of the signature of the lease on 25 March 1865.]

26 April 2015:

Grand Community Concert featuring both Choirs and all the musical groups of Notre Dame de France

14 May 2015:

Recital by Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin, Deputy Principal Organist of St.Sulpice, Paris.

[11 June 2015 : Anniversary of the inauguration of the church on 11 June 1868.]

21 June 2015:

The Grand Summer Party

26 June 2015:

Concert by the French Christian Rock Group ‘Glorious’

[6 October 2015 : Anniversary of the re-opening of the restored church on 6 October 1955.]

15 October 2015:

Recital by Loïc Maillié, Principal Organist of La Trinité, Paris.

[6 November 2015 : Mass in remembrance of the survivors of the Blitz.]

12 November 2015:

Recital by Gerard Brooks, International Concert Organist.

6 December 2015:

Grand Anniversary Mass.

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