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Raising a multilingual child: insights for parents

29/09/2014 from 18:00 to 21:30

Parents of bilingual and multilingual children share similar concerns: "He doesn't want to speak my language", "She's embarrassed to speak our family language now when she's a teenager", "I've heard about one parent - one language, but then how do I speak with my husband when we are all at the kitchen table?", "Does bilingualism really cause dyslexia?"

A panel of experts will discuss these and other issues from different perspectives and give their insights.

The members of the panel are:

- Annika Bourgogne, author of a five star Amazon bestseller BE BILINGUAL - PRACTICAL IDEAS FOR MULTILINGUAL FAMILIES
- Jean-Marc Dewaele, Professor of applied linguistics and multilingualism.
- Ruth Jacobs, a very experience and respected speech and language therapist.
- Claire Thomas, author of the book Growing Up With Languages: Reflections on Multilingual Childhoods
- Katarina Nielsen, a speaker of six languages and a passionate promoter of multilingualism

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