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wo Nudes in orange: Acrylic painting on a wooden board, 84cmx84cm, 2010, Seville

Contemporary Painting by Camille Lessourd

From 15/05/2014 at 09:00 to 25/05/2014 at 17:00

Camille Lessourd is a 25 year-old BA Fine Art graduate who grew up and is based in South West London.

As a painter she has a natural instinct for colour, working on vibrations and transparency. 
She believes that a trip she made to Patagonia revealed to her the immense power of nature and a certain fascination for water and ice. Perito Moreno became her main study. It contains in itself so many perspectives: the chaotic crackings of the ice, the constant changes of the surface, the visible layers of time, the different shades of colour, the permanent transformation due to the climate shift.

From that moment on she chose to concentrate on the representation of water and ice. Camille Lessourd started a new series on Greenland that is the World's second largest ice sheet and made of the eldest rocks on the face of the Earth.

During Summer she concentrated on her immediate environment: a garden, a sea view, a shed in the countryside. 

She was always curious and excited to find new visual effects through her brush marks.

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