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Penetrating Stillness

free Penetrating Stillness - Exhibiton by Emmanuel Barcilon

From 29/11/2013 at 10:00 to 29/01/2014 at 17:00

Emmanuel Barcilon is a 45-year old French painter who lives and works in Paris.
His work has been shown in Paris, London, Basel and New York.
Emmanuel Barcilon's work is very disctintive. He uses a material consisting of varnish mixed with pure pigment which he applies layers and layers of to the wooden surface.
He often intervenes during this painting process to add graphic elements such as skulls, anatomical drawings, words and newspapers clippings before continuing to apply more coats of paint. At the painting’s conclusion, various images, marks or colours are visible below the surface, some buried
deeper than others, as he creates his own visual memory of his unique proces
s so much so that one has the sensation that everything still carries an element of visibility buried somewhere within the material.

Event's details

  • Where: Rosenfeldporcini Gallery, 37 Rathbone Street, London W1T 1NZ
  • Age group: Adults
  • Price: Free
  • Website:


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