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Excuse My French
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Excuse My French Comedy Show (in French)

From 27/11/2013 at 00:30 to 01/12/2013 at 00:30

A theatre company with the energy of a young writer, Jean-Philippe Le Coq, is setting up in London with an original creation in French. There will be three shows in one which will mix different types of comedy - “The Lion Queen”, “The Human Nature” and “A leap of Faith”.

The Lion Queen: Contemporary Comedy - French
4 students with strong tempers are preparing their “baccalaureat” and end up doing a play together. They are all there for different reasons: they need to learn how to work together...the hidden face of a global success revisited during one night

The Human Stupidity: Stand-up - French
This double stand-up describes the human nature in all its splendour. Alone on stage, two characters have fun shaking up clichés and take perverse pleasure to trigger a reaction from you.

A Leap of Faith: Contemporary Comedy - French
Bérangère, staring into the abyss, finds herself on the edge of a high building. The surprise is bigger when she notices that she is not the only one up there. A surprising cohabitation is going to take place in this quirky situation. This meeting will get the public involved in a madcap and absurd journey

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