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Un air de famille
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A Family Affair

From 25/06/2013 at 19:00 to 13/07/2013 at 23:00

Agnès Jaoui and Jean Pierre Bacri, who have both been rewarded with the César for the Best Script (Cuisines et Dépendances, Le Goût des Autres), wrote a extremely funny play, A Family Affair, which then was adapted into a movie directed by Cédric Klapish with Catherine Frot. This comedy of manners will be shown for the first time in London, alternatively in French and in English. Produced by Echange Théâtre et directed by Emilie Perraudeau, the play will plunge the audience into a complex family affair. 


Like every Friday night, the Ménard family gather together at the Père Tranquille bar, the bar Henry owns. His wife will not come back home tonight. Still, it is a celebration day as it is his sister-in-law's Yoyo's birthday. His sister Betty will also be part of the crew tonight who just got into a fight with her boss. Once all the family member got there, family secrets started emerging to the surface. 

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15/06/2013 - cocolondon18 said :

Comme j'aimerais gagner cette paire de tickets pour aller au theatre.
J'attends des bonnes nouvelles .....


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