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free Conference on the Forgotten script of Calvin

30/11/2012 from 07:30 to 21:30

Whilst editing the manuscript sermons of Calvin on Genesis (1559-1560) preserved in the Bodleian at Oxford, Max Engammare discover three manuscript volumes of Calvin's sermons on the book of Isaiah (1557-1559) kept at the French Protestant Church in London Soho Square. It was thought that these manuscripts had been irretrievably lost.
Max Engammare will talk about how Calvin's manuscripts arrived in England following  Elizabeth I accession to the throne in 1558 and what they tell us about Calvin's preaching. He will also put them in their historical context both in terms of theology and time.
Max Engammare will take the evening to give to the Church Library, a copy of the first annotated edition of Calvin's sermons found in Soho more than five hundred years after they were originally worded in Geneva.

Max Engammare historian is the Director of Editions Droz and a researcher at the Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research.
After the conference we will meet over a glass of wine and a cheese buffet generously offered by La Cave à Fromage. Books on Calvin and Protestantism are also available for purchase thanks to the kind support of The Librairie La Page.

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