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Cloclo Party : From Yéyé to disco

From 22/06/2012 at 20:20 to 23/06/2012 at 01:00

My Way, is probably one of the most famous and beloved songs of all time. Here's the story behind this legendary tune. Claude François (nicknamed Cloclo), a man whose ambition drove him to stardom, but ultimately led him to a tragic death when he was only aged 39. He was much more than just a star, he was also a shrewd businessman, great showman and marketing magician, hit machine and magazine publisher but also a family man and a ladies’ man. No wonder his fan are still fascinated by him more than 30 years after his death.


From Yéyé to Disco: Cloclo Party

Don't miss our fancy dress party after the 8.20pm screening on 22 June! Expect glitter and sparkle, short skirts and bell-bottoms, intoxicating hits and outrageous dance moves. DJ Sacha Dieu will take you back to the hip Sixties and the rad Seventies, and our dance guru Mickael Gaurier along with his Clodettes (including you, perhaps?) will break down the moves so you can boogie to eternal favourites such as Alexandrie, Alexandra and Cette année-là!

In collaboration with France in London


Fri 22 June 3.00pm | book online, 8.20pm + Party | book online

Sat 23 June 5.00pm | book online

Sun 24 June 6.00pm | book online

Mon 25 June 6.00pm | book online

Tue 26 June 8.40pm | book online

Wed 27 June 3.00pm | book online, 8.40pm | book online

Thu 28 June 6.00pm | book online

Fri 29 June 3.00pm | book online

Sat 30 June 2.00pm | book online, 8.50pm | book online

Sun 1 July 6.10pm | book online

Mon 2 July 8.40pm | book online

Wed 4 July 8.30pm | book online

Thu 5 July 6.00pm | book online

Sat 14 July 6.00pm | book online

Sun 15 July 4.25pm | book online

Tue 17 July 8.30pm | book online

Wed 18 July 3.00pm | book online

Thu 19 July 8.30pm | book online



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