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35 Shots of Rum on Film4
TV Program

35 Shots of Rum on Film4

22/12/2011 from 01:25 to 03:35

Lionel is a train driver on Paris’s rapid-transit rail network. He has been raising his daughter, Joséphine, alone ever since she was a little girl.

She has now grown into a young woman. They live side by side, a little bit like a couple, refusing the advances and cares of others.

For Lionel, only his daughter counts, and for Joséphine, it’s her father who is the most important person in the world.

Little by little, Lionel realises that time is passing by, even for them.

The time to leave each other is perhaps approaching.

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  • Age group: Adults


19/12/2011 - aslewton said :

why is this film on in the middle of the night please? Three hundrer french people also live and work in uk - C4 film policy is now shameful. Its got steadily worse since they started - really poor now. This is a subtle beautifully acted chamber piece about real people in marginalised French communities buy a master female director - C4 wake up!!


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