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"Understanding Eating Disorders" by Dr Philippe Jacquet

From 11/11/2008 to 02/12/2008 at 23:59

Tuesday 2nd December
Lecture: 7.00-8.00pm
Fellowship & Refreshments:

The Lecture Hall
Kensington Central Library
Phillimore Walk
London, W8 7RX

 Understanding eating disorders

The growing number of people suffering with eating disorders has led to a need for more information and a greater understanding of this illness and its different manifestations. Making sense of the different forms of eating disorders and how these progressively control one's life is a crucial element of any effective treatment. In this lecture Philippe will offer some useful pointers and insights into the world of the sufferer and how to make a separation between the person and their eating disorder. It is his intention to do this by exploring the following:

. Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Overeating and binge eating
. The Recognisable Symptoms of these Eating Disorders
. Where they can be seen to come from
. Possible Confusion over Diagnosis
. Models of Treatment and their efficacy 


Biography Eating Disorder Counsellor 

Philippe comes to Life Works with expertise in addiction therapy, eating disorders and spiritual counselling. He received his training as a 12-step addiction counsellor at Hazleden and practiced as a therapist at Hope-one Recovery Centre in Brussels and as a Senior Counsellor and EMDR practitioner at the Promis Recovery Centre in Kent. Philippe is an instructor in Non-Violence Crisis Intervention and is currently working towards an MA in Art Therapy. He began his career in addiction therapy as a team leader working with adolescent offenders in Belgium. 


Read Philippe Jacquet's article about eating disorders 

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