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Media Talk: French Elections, a Change in Store?

16/03/2007 at 08:00

Media Talk: French Elections – a Change in Store? –

Fri 16 March - 7.30pm -


With Caroline Wyatt (BBC), Jean-Pierre Langellier (Le Monde) and Jon Henley (The Guardian). Others – TBC. Moderated by Allan Little (BBC).

Join us as we discuss how the result of the upcoming French presidential election may not only give France its first woman president, but also affect the future of Europe and the EU.

Socialist Segolene Royal and the centre-right candidate and current interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy are the firm favourites.

Sarkozy has called for lower taxes, a longer working week and tougher immigration laws.

Royal, on the other hand, supports a higher minimum wage, a 35-hour week and better unemployment benefits.

Both have strong views on international politics too. Sarkozy opposes Turkey’s membership of the EU, while Royal stands for an expanded European government and a new EU-led Middle East peace process.

Almost a dozen other candidates are also in the running including the leader of the far-right National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Francois Bayrou, seen as a dark horse, and even Jacques Chirac, who has hinted he may stand again, this time as an independent.

Our panel will look at the possible outcomes.

Caroline Wyatt – BBC Correspondent in Paris.

Jean-Pierre Langellier – London correspondent for Le Monde.

Jon Henley - The Guardian's Paris correspondent from 1997 to 2006 and currently the paper's Diarist.

Moderated by Allan Little - the BBC's Foreign Affairs Correspondent and former BBC correspondent in Paris. He has also served as the BBC’s former Yugoslavia, Moscow, South Africa and Africa correspondent.

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