Originally from Martinique, Lily is a self-taught artist who has been painting for several years now. Her paintings are inspired by her native culture as well as European culture. She discovered her passion in Bristol after going through a difficult time in her life. Everything that surrounds Lily, her feelings, passions and dreams, is a source of inspiration.
She works especially with acrylic paint and real gold leaf, but she also uses oil paint. She has a love of abstract and modern art. She loves diversity, and for this reason her paintings are unique. Her imagination must always be on the go and it constantly pushes her to research, innovate and change. Repetition bores her.
Lily's on-going self-critic helps her improve both in life and in her passions. From 2009 to 2010, to find out what people thought of her art, for a short time, she opened a gallery in Bristol where she displayed and sold her work. The result convinced her and reinforced her decision to continue painting. Painting is most and for all a passion! She is proud to say that her paintings have received an agreed valuation from the experts at Drouot in Paris.

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