The sole aim of their courses is to give the younger learner (7-17) a head start in life by encouraging them to achieve an advanced level of linguistic competence beyond their school needs and as a great asset for the future.
Rather than offering the classic language "holiday", they run intensive courses for ambitious students. Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 ensuring that all pupils receive the benefit of individual attention within a group dynamic, and students can undertake up to 30 hours of tuition per week, a figure more commonly associated with adult and executive courses.
They have found that, with the help and guidance of their highly motivated and experienced teachers, their young learners are able to make exceptional progress in both their language level and their confidence.

They understand that different students have different needs. Because of this, your experience with OISE begins from the moment you pick up the phone to speak to one of their team members.
By learning about you as an individual and why you need to improve your English, they can find you the right course (Full Study Programme, Extended Programme, IELTS Preparation, Cambridge Preparation, English for Children) in the right location (from vibrant cities such as Oxford to picturesque rural locations).
Whether on a residential programme or accommodated with one of their lovely host families, this is a total immersion experience. Last but certainly not least, hard working pupils need to relax, so they incorporate a full programme of sports, social activities and excursions, encouraging their pupils to make friends and enjoy themselves as much as possible. To summarise, whatever the motivation is for you wanting to improve your English, they will drive you to achieve the results you want and need.

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38 Binsey Lane
01865 258 331


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