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   Cinémoi TV

CinéMoi: the first and only channel dedicated to French film is here and now on air! French movies are magical; they never lose their ability to enchant. No other national cinema has had such an influence on the art form of film. Here at CinéMoi we have forged relationships with leading producers, distributors, archivists and film experts, to bring you the very best in French cinema. From outrageous comedies and smoldering romances, to gritty urban dramas, stylish thrillers, intriguing mysteries and arthouse fantasies, French movies have always been at the cutting edge of global cinema and provide boundless enjoyment for the discerning film fan. What makes CinéMoi unique is that it is programmed and devised by people who genuinely love French film. CinéMoi has teamed up with Julien Plante, one of the world’s leading curators of French cinema. During his career Julien has programmed over a thousand different films at film festivals, institutes and independent cinemas. It is Julien’s mission to steer you through the incredible filmic journey that CinéMoi provides with its heady confection of classic films, original interviews with leading film makers, exclusive documentaries and features. In 1895, brothers Louis and Auguste Lumière patented the cinematograph and hosted the world’s first film screening in Paris. Legend has it that when they showed their film of a train arriving at a station, members of the audience were terrified and recoiled from the screen as though about to be run over by the train. Audience expectations might have changed over the years but French film has lost none of its power to amaze. CinéMoi celebrates the brilliance of the finest French films of the last hundred years. These are films that have informed and influenced some of the most famous film makers of the modern age. What has come to be known as “The New Hollywood” – directors such as George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg – were directly inspired by French cinema and brought the aesthetic qualities of auteur theory to their own work with hugely successful results. But it is their French counterparts who are the originators, the true auteurs, and it is the work of legendary directors such as Jean Renoir, Jean Cocteau, Robert Bresson, Francois Truffaut, Claude Chabrol, Louis Malle, Luis Buñuel and Luc Besson to name but a few, that CinéMoi cherishes, alongside screen legends such as Jean Gabin, Jeanne Moreau, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Gérard Depardieu, Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Daniel Auteuil, Juliette Binoche and Marion Cotillard. These are artists whose work will stand the test of time, artists who aspire to the integrity, creativity and vision of the original principles of the medium. But CinéMoi is not all about the past. We will also be looking at the work of the next generation of French film makers, those who, in endeavouring to reach the heights of their legendary forebears, are truly standing on the shoulders of giants. Often mistakenly identified as strictly high-brow entertainment, in truth one of the wonders of French film is its universal nature. There is truly something here for everyone who feels even a passing affection for classic films and unique French style and passion. Whether you already love French film or whether you just want to discover French film for the first time, CinéMoi will take you on a unique journey through the unexpected treasures that French cinema has to offer. CinéMoi: These aren’t just great French movies, these are some of the greatest movies ever made. Cinémoi is available on Sky channel 343. The price is £7.99 per month or £100 for the year. To suscribe call Sky 0845 800 8008

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17/07/2011 - louelkadiri said :


I'm a French girl and I live in Paris(18 years old). I'm looking for a job in september in London. I'm polyvalent and I have experiences in jobs. I'm bilingual Spanish and manage my english. I'm open-minded and interesting to culture.

Best regards

28/04/2009 - s.rhodes said :

I signed up for Cinemoi at the outset but have now cancelled. very disappointed with the quality of output - no Dolby Digital, no HD and not even a true widescreen picture. I expected more from a premium subscription channel. Love the films but will rent DVDs instead.


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